University league tables

Occasionally I get grumpy about the awful data analysis that goes into university* league tables, see my blog for grumpy posts. A really good final year undergraduate did a better job, using (almost) the same data as The Guardian a couple of years ago. His interactive league table is here, as a streamlit web app.

I also did a league table generator that uses similar data and will generate a league table with almost any university at the top. It is here, and you can run to make a league table with Oxford University the top university, Oxford Brookes, the top university, Teesside the best university, …

* One of the numerous bad things about university league tables is that they are not university league tables. They are league tables of a selected set of higher education institutes (HEIs). For example, both Hartpury University and College and Imperial College offer degrees, but only Imperial is in The Guardian‘s 2023 “university league table”. This seems rather unfair on Hartpury.