COVID-19 – transmission

Streamlit app for Wells-Riley model

Inspired by a really nice Google Sheets by Jose-Luis Jimenez and Zhe Peng, I have done a simple app that plots the Wells-Riley prediction of the probability of becoming infected, as the function of the length of time you spend in a room. Wells-Riley is a simple model for estimating the probability that you will become infected if you spend time in a room with someone who is infected. The app is hosted by Heroku and it uses Streamlit – an easy way of doing interactive plots using Python.

You can see my blog for latest thoughts on COVID-19 transmission and masks.

Slides from an old 2020 talk

The pdf of the slides of my talk entitled Some simple physics of corona virus transmission at SOFT MATTER: THE UNSEEN SCIENCE ALL AROUND US is here. I cover both simple models of person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2, and of masks/face coverings, but it is now out of date.