Past Soft Matter seminars

Autumn 2015

11:00 am (21AC03) Friday 2nd October Prof Sivakumar Manickam (University of Nottingham) Cavitation Technology – A Rapid and Novel Way of Generating Nanomaterials and Nanoemulsions [Joint CPE & Soft Matter seminar]

14:00 Thursday 29th October (30BB03)  Dr Chiu Fan Lee (Imperial College London)  Universalities in Biology – “Cutting through the chaos”

14:00 Thursday 5th November (30BB03)  Prof. Michael Flickinger (North Carolina State University)  Potential Industrial Applications of Adhesive, Nanoporous Colloidal Coatings Containing Living Microbes

14:00 Thursday 12th November (30BB03) Prof Alejandro Gil-MXGBVillegas (Universidad de Guanajuato)  Molecular Thermodynamics of Adsorption of Fluids [part of UK-MX-2015]

14:00 Friday 5th December (TB01)  Prof. Mark Biggs (Loughborough University) Peptide-mediated Self-assembly: From Fundamentals to Design to Applications [CPE seminar joint with Soft Matter]

Spring 2015

2pm Thursday 22nd January (30BB03) Dr Bart Erich (TNO, The Netherlands) GARField imaging of curing processes in alkyd coatings

2pm Monday 16th February (30BB03) Dr Jon Biggins (University of Cambridge) Two instabilities in confined elastic layers

2pm Monday 23rd February (30BB03) Dr Mark Miller (Durham University) Design strategies for self assembly

2pm Monday 16th March (30BB03) Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja (Durham University) Surveying the Free Energy Landscapes of Continuum Models: Application to Soft Matter Systems

2:30 pm (Note: slightly later time!) Monday 11th May (30BB03) Dr Giorgio Volpe (UCL) Optical Manipulation with Random Light Fields: From Fundamental Physics to Applications

2pm Monday 8th June (30BB03) Dr Pierluigi Cesana (Oxford University) Effective behavior of nematic elastomer membranes

2pm Monday 15th June (30BB03) Prof Fernando Bresme (Imperial College London) Changing direction: molecular and nanoparticle orientation under non-equilibrium conditions

Autumn 2014

11am Wednesday 22nd October (30BB03) Prof Jan Sefcik (University of Strathclyde) Mesoscale clusters in aqueous amino acid solutions and their role in crystal nucleation

2pm Tuesday 4th November (30BB03) Dr Katherine Thomas (Assistant Editor, PRL) Inside Physical Review Letters: An introduction to scientific publishing – and how to write a (good) PRL

2pm Thursday 13th November (30BB03) Dr Manish Tiwari (UCL)  Superhydrophobic surfaces and their application for anti-icing

2pm Thursday 20th November (30BB03) Dr Marco Ramaioli (Dept of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Surrey)  Wetting of a soluble coating

2pm Thursday 27th November (30BB03) Dr Tao Wang (Wuhan University of Technology, China)  Polymer:Fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells: Materials, Morphology and Device performance

2pm Thursday 11th December (30BB03) Dr Chris Ewels (CNRS/University of Nantes, Nantes) Predicting new carbon nanomaterials from first principles